07 September 2017

Birò officially launches in Rotterdam

Birò introduces a new way of transportation in Rotterdam. These small remarkable cars offer big possibilities for urbanites. For those who want to discover the new Birò, the first showroom in Rotterdam has recently opened. On September 7th, a festive opening celebrates the debut of these cars in Rotterdam.

Together in close collaboration with Manhave, the pop-up showroom is opened its doors this summer. The showroom, decorated as an art gallery, is the smallest car showroom in the Netherlands, yet with the greatest allure. 

Drive small, think big

With Birò, it is easier to travel in the city. Thanks to its compact size you can navigate easily through urban traffic, freely enter the restricted traffic zones and one-way streets of many cities, and park easily in scooter spaces. Planning your day becomes a pleasure, because with Birò you can move around more often, saving time and avoiding stress; combining work and free time. 

Stay tuned, more information about the opening will follow soon!

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