Monumental destination

It’s our mission to strengthen the iconic positioning of the Kruiskade area on the basis of co-creation, innovation and quality. The coming years we will develop a lively, premium surroundings of international stature where living, working, shopping and leisure go side by side.

Since 1886

Love the city

Manhave has more than 130 years of experience in developing and renting out property. On the basis of long term value creation and with love for the city.

What we do


Dare to go beyond

We want to be the producer of unique urban experiences. The Kruiskade area will present local and international brands that are designed to behave unreasonably...winning brands that go beyond in their focus on people, their motivations, their needs and distastes.

How we do it

Our manifesto

We are

  • unreasonable

    We are unreasonable

    We dare to go beyond

  • authentic

    We are authentic

    What you see is what you get

  • collective

    We are a collective

    We are stronger together

  • explorers

    We are explorers

    We are curious

  • creators

    We are creators

    We make it happen

  • wordly

    We are worldly

    Our inspiration knows no borders

  • passionate

    We are driven

    We're the best version of ourselves

  • like you

    We are you

    We treat each other the way we want to be treated ourselves


Competitive real estate since 1886

Started as painters the Manhave family developed the first shopping centre with hand-painted signs in the early 60’s. With renowned architect Huig Maaskant we developed the first of four Lijnbaanflats, acquired the famous Lumière theatre and creating the award winning Dream House which hosts Schaap -/- Citroen and famous fashion brand COS.

Hear hear:

 going on?


Management team

Manhave works for own account in a creative and distinctive team, which works on the basis of innovative co-creation. With only one thing in mind: the customer comes first.

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