We work customer centric

We have built an organization that truly believes the customer comes first. Manhave’s customer centric approach is about anticipating customer needs and delighting them with products and services they may not have thought of, but immediately fall in love with.

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New organization

A definitive part of our personality comes from the services we offer to residents and visitors. Planning 2018.

Car sharing

Members can rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. For occasional use or access. 


Valet parking

Visitors can make use of our valet parking services saving them the hassle of searching.


The beating heart of the area. Stand alone brasserie and bar. Trustworthy staff. Co-working spaces. Rooms for private hire. Workshops, talks and exchange. January 2018.


A helpful concierge serves as your knight in shining armour.

Strategic model

Manhave has developed and refined a strategic model for accomplishing its mission ‘to strengthen the iconic positioning of The Kruiskade Area.’

This model helps the organization to employ its resources for maximum impact by:

(1) offering responsive services, (2) helping to make buying easy, (3) committing to a customer centric approach and (4) delivering unique experiences.

Our strategic model
Our strategic model

Life in the area

Karels Clubhouse attracts, fosters and provides for the community. Our goal is to bring life in the street from dawn to midnight. With different rhythms at different times of the day, but there is a consistency of human presence and interaction throughout. It brings a sense of security and healthy character to the street.

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