26 May 2020

2nd store for Schaap & Citroen!

Written by: Nicolette Lohman

Manhave Vastgoed congratulates Schaap & Citroen on the arrival of a second beautiful new store on the Kruiskade in Rotterdam.

Schaap en Citroen in Rotterdam has been located at Kruiskade 98 since 2013. Schaap & Citroen likes the luxurious surroundings of the Kruiskade!

As of July 2020, Schaap & Citroen will open a second branch of the jewelery house at Kruiskade number 67-69. This high-quality retail space of over 270 m2 is located in the plinth of the City House, a monumental building designed in 1955 by the renowned Dutch architect Hugh Maastkant, which is being restructured on a large scale in a modern way. Schaap & Citroen will house two top brands in this store, with a front of almost 12 meters, each with the design and appearance of a fully-fledged brand store.

In the coming years, Manhave will transform the Kruiskade area into a lively, first-class setting where living, working, shopping and entertainment go hand in hand. As a leading jeweler, Schaap en Citroen offers an extensive collection of world-renowned jewelery and watches. This ambitious retailer is rightly suited to the fashionable Kruiskade, a shopping area with international allure.

We will keep you informed of the official opening!

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