12 February 2018

500.000 Euros for Amref Flying Doctors

Written by: Michiel

Manhave is the proud sponsor of Penny, Tanja, Angelique, Bertine, Katinka and Ine. Our team has cycled the Uganda Challenge, 600 km up- and downhill for better healthcare in Uganda Africa. On their way they raised 42.000 Euro's.

It was an enduring challenge, cycling in temperatures rising up to 48 degrees Celsius. On their way the team visited various projects. 

In Sub-Sahara Africa more than 25 million adults are HIV positive. Amref works closely together with local communities to combat the impact of HIV with education, treatment and providing medication. 

In Sub-Saharan Africa, two out of five people do not have access to clean drinking water. Amref Flying Doctors tackles this 'water crisis' at the base.

Watch the Day 2 video:

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