01 August 2017

Ground-breaking ideas in 'Licht Verdicht'

Written by: Jeannette Heezen

Rotterdam is growing rapidly and challenges the constant need for more residential space. For this reason seven multidisciplinary design teams have done research about how to make Rotterdam’s buildings more attractive and getting low-rise constructions to a higher level. 

The varies studies result in the book: Licht Verdicht, a stunning book about the groundbreaking ideas for ‘topping off’ the existing buildings in the city center. 

The book shows how we can create new space on top of the existing skyscrapers. Renovation without demolition: it can – with a lot of perseverance – lead to beautiful things. Manhave is working closely together with many of the design teams in developing the district around the Kruiskade and Karel Doormansstraat in Rotterdam.  

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