13 July 2020

ISH Dance Collective Rooftop sessions

Written by: Nicolette Lohman

DANCE VIDEO // Do you have a minute? Must see! Rooftop session on the roof of the City House with ISH Dance Collective. Wow so good!

Fortunately, new great initiatives are also starting in these changing times. ISH has not been idle, they have started a number of Rooftop sessions. Especially for the public they have recorded their 'skills' in three 1.5 meter films. Artistic director, Marco Gerris, recorded these films at 3 unique rooftop locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam during sunrise and sunset. In the videos there is not one form of dance, you are surprised with bmx, locking, housedance, breakdance and much more. An absolute must-see for dance and urban enthusiast. And that view from the roof of the City House Kruiskade Rotterdam 😍

#lovethecity #makeithappen Rotterdamse Dakendingen 2020 #sunset

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