28 September 2020

Rotterdam Rolex Boutique open!

Written by: Nicolette Lohman

R E T A I L // We know, you already noticed. Schaap & Citroen Juwelry store and Rolex have opened a new boutique in Rotterdam on the Kruiskade. The interior of the boutique exudes the elegance of the Rolex watch design. The colors and patterns reflect the core values of the brand; quality, precision and an eye for detail. Speaking of details 🎯 ... The architect has incorporated the balconies of the City House into the design. Thanks for the ♥!

Read more about the interior -> https://bit.ly/3jm2nKQ

Experience a Rolex
Nothing beats discovering for yourself the meticulous finish, the perfectly balanced weight, the comfort or simply the feel of a Rolex watch. Come to Schaap & Citroen at Kruiskade 67. And they will present you the different Rolex models, advise you on the technical aspects of Rolex watches and help you find the watch that suits you.

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