26 June 2020

Rotterdamse Dakendingen

Written by: Nicolette Lohman

F e s t i v a l // Rotterdamse Dakendingen!
Due to the corona virus, this year's Rotterdam Dakendagen are the Rotterdamse Dakendingen! The Rotterdamse Dakendagen is a foundation that stimulates rooftop use. In Rotterdam there is already 18.5 km2 of rooftops that is used to a minimum. During the annual festival it is shown what that space can be used for.

A special rooftop event has been devised especially for the residents of the Lijnbaan flats. The residents could enjoy the show by Marja van Katendrecht, the Dutch ambassador of Rotterdam, on their balcony using headphones. On top of the Crystal House on the Kruiskade, Marja held her Big Tupper Topper Show! Which she would play in more than 40 theaters nationwide, but was delayed due to the Corona crisis. We look back on a fantastic show above the shoppingstreet of the Kruiskade, even the rain couldn't spoil the fun.

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Special thanks to;
Marja van Katendrecht
Rotterdamse Dakendingen 2020

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