12 December 2019

Valet-parking Kruiskade

Written by: Jeannette Heezen

The consumer landscape is changing rapidly. Visitors in particular seek convenience and like to park "in front of the door", without having to search for a parking space.

Valet parking makes this possible, with this service it will strengthen the value of the street, area and the existing retail. The area offers a unique service.

At a fixed rate of € 12,50 you can have your car parked with this valet service on the following days/times:

Thursday to Saturday 11:45 am to 22:15 pm
Sunday 12:45 pm to 21:15 pm

It is an initiative of local retailers, Manhave Vastgoed and other property owners, who want to contribute to the welcoming inner city in this way. This is a pilot, which has also been created with the Municipality of Rotterdam and lasts until the end of June 2020.

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