Licht verdicht

Studying the Lumiere area

Living in the heart of the City, feeling the urban vibe, is as trendy as ever. It means that cities need to prepare themselves to accomodate more inhabitants. Such as Rotterdam.

The project Licht Verdicht (Slightly Densified) invited three separate multidisciplinary development teams to study possibilities for the densification of the Lumière Area by literally adding a new layer.


Overlapping patterns

Development team: ZZDP Architecten, Buro Sant & Co Landschapsarchitectuur, ABT and Trndmrkr. Strengthening the identity of the area with overlapping layers and adding a city park on the roof of the former Baja as a new public route.
In addition to this, the team adds new layers for urban living with hotel accomodation, shortstay, extended stay, micro-apartments as well as regular apartments.


Reconstructing Lumière

Development team: BureauVanEig, Ziegler|Branderhorst and IMd.


Variations of Progress

Development team: diederendirrix, Felixx, PH Urbanism, Aronsohn, Wijnand Galema architectuurhistoricus.


Licht verdicht

Building new constructions on existing buildings makes it possible to increase the volume of the city while maintaining the architectural appearance. Light densification is essentially different from renovation, demolition or new forms of expansion. It calls for a special effort from both the architect and the constructor and the builder.

Also, the building owner needs another involvement. To explore the possibilities for this study, three locations were selected in Rotterdam that lend themselves well to large-scale tops: post-war buildings with flat roofs and solid concrete structures.
The private owners together with the municipality of Rotterdam and BNA Research conducted the challenge.

  • Birdseye view Lumière Location Source: Gemeente Rotterdam
    Birdseye view Lumière Location Source: Gemeente Rotterdam