Plan Lumière provides a major boost to the inner city of Rotterdam

Manhave and Vorm invest with Lumière in Lijnbaankwartier. A multifunctional complex of a maximum of 200 meters high on the Lijnbaan side, with approximately 400 rental apartments, a hotel, flexible offices, social facilities, business premises, high-quality retail and catering.

16 December 2020
By Michiel Lamens

Plan Lumière: a multi-functional complex of up to 200 meters high will soon raise on the street of Lijnbaan, with approximately 400 rental apartments, a hotel, flexible offices, social facilities, business spaces, high-quality retail and food & beverages.

The Rotterdam family businesses with more than 100 years of history, Manhave and VORM, are tackling the redevelopment of the district where the renowned Lumière Theater was located between 1955 and 2003, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam and KAAN Architecten. Lumière will play a crucial role in the city center as a new hinge for living, working and staying in the dynamic environment of the Central District, Coolsingel, Lijnbaan, Kruiskade and Schouwburgplein, among others.

Mixed programme

The former cinema – owned by Manhave Vastgoed – currently houses shops, restaurants and a gym. There is also a large mix of functions in the new plan. A new prominent entrance with a multi-storey atrium has been built on the Lijnbaan. Everything comes together here.

From the atrium you can take the elevator directly to the hotel and the residences. The hotel occupies the first fifteen floors of the high-rise tower. A public layer will then be built above the hotel with facilities that serve the city, hotel and homes. A conference room, a movie house with a view of the city center, a swimming pool with fitness rooms or a bar with a large terrace are envisaged. The rental properties are programmed in the upper part of the tower and all enjoy a phenomenal view over the inner city, in addition to all the other functions that the complex has to offer.

The office spaces are therefore located lower in the tower and in the central area. In addition, there is room in the central area for social facilities, such as a bicycle shed or a daycare centre.

The new plan includes space for high-end retail, a grand café or restaurant on the Lijnbaan and Kruiskade. There is also a public program on Karel Doormanstraat. This programme is more flexible and can be retail, catering or a social function.

International allure

Manhave and VORM are going to create a place with international metropolitanity and allure. Love for the city is paramount here. A sustainable place with future-proof energy solutions and a varied range of facilities and services. And more importantly: a living environment where users feel connected and where a social experience in the field of art, culture and events is facilitated. At Lumière you will really get city for your money!

Manhave and VORM do this for the long term, because Lumière will remain in their own possession even after development, guaranteeing the concept and quality. For the architectural design reference is made to Rockefeller Center (New York) and 10 Corso Como (Milan). The timelessness, the high quality of the facade and the iconic of Rockefeller Center will represent the walls along the Lijnbaan, the Kruiskade and the Karel Doormanstraat. The small boutiques, the greenery, the subtle, everything that can be found in Corso Como can be found in the courtyard. A route runs through this with roof terraces, greenery and social facilities such as a traditional bakery, in order to achieve much more intricacy in the grand gesture that is the Lijnbaan.

Future resident

The future resident and visitor finds ownership of goods less important and uses the city as a living room. Sub-concepts for mobility, but also for (flexible) spaces, a diverse housing offer, sustainability and flexibility are included as spearheads in this development. Lumière has set itself the goal of being at the forefront of Rotterdam's high-rise vision: a beacon of innovation, sustainability and connection, in close collaboration with the surroundings.

Monumental integration

Lumière connects to the Rijksmonument Lijnbaanensemble, the symbol of Rotterdam's reconstruction, but is not formally part of it. During the design, the core values of the national monument are taken into account. With great attention and respect, a surgical intervention will take place here, as it were, in the urban fabric of the city centre and the monumental space. The plan is also part of the higher buildings and new construction around Weena, Hofplein and in the Rotterdam Central District. This development is therefore an opportunity to strengthen the connection between the various urban areas.

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