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About Manhave Vastgoed

Manhave has more than 130 years of experience in developing and leasing real estate. With the creation of added value in the long term as a starting point and an unconditional love for the city.

Manhave is not a traditional real estate specialist, but an area developer and producer of urban experiences. In close cooperation we are building a sustainable and ambitious area for Rotterdam citizens of the world: unparalleled, customer-oriented, innovative, high-tech and sustainable.

It is our mission to make the Lumière area a lively environment with international allure where living, working and leisure go hand in hand.

Our values

Our values are the foundation for everything we do. We are an organization that believes in the power of customer focus. In our customer-oriented approach, we anticipate the needs of the customer and like to think one step further. To surprise them with products and services that they didn't even know they were missing, but immediately love.

Meet the Manhave team

Steven Manhave
Owner Manhave Vastgoed
Edwin Dickhoff
Senior Asset Manager
Danny Ee
Assistant Asset Manager
David Veenman
Barbara Stellinga
Marco Kleingeld
Technical Manager
Marja Klein

Competitive real estate since 1886

The Manhave family, originally painters, developed the first shopping centre with hand-painted signing in the early 1960s. Together with renowned architect Hugh Maaskant, the family business later developed the first of the four Lijnbaan flats, the famous Lumière theater and the award-winning Dream House that now houses Schaap en Citroen and clothing brand COS.

Lumiere in the 80s
Plan Lumière
Kruiskade in the 80s
Kruiskade from the Coolsingel 1925
Kruiskade is one of the oldest streets in Rotterdam and has been around since the 15th century.
Dream House corner Kruiskade / Karel Doormanstraat
Detail Dream House
Dream House corner Kruiskade / Karel Doormanstraat
Huig (Hugh) Maaskant is the architect of the City House. He has designed many famous buildings in Rotterdam, such as Het Groothandelsgebouw, De Euromast and the Hilton
The Kruiskade in the 80s from the Lijnbaan when the pavilions were still there


Metre by metre, we make the world a better place

The world needs our help. That is very clear. But how can you really contribute to a better future? Manhave is co-initiator of EarthToday. By buying square metres of nature, we protect an increasingly larger part of the earth's surface. Will you join us?

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