Green and biodiverse roof constructed on dee Doelen

The roof of concert and conference building de Doelen is covered with 2,581 m2 of greenery. A real green oasis in the city.

Love the City
12 August 2022
By Lisanne Van Beurden

The green, biodiverse roof with water storage can collect rainwater and contributes to cooling in the city. A sustainable way of water management.

Water collection, greenery and biodiversity

A system with crates has been installed under the plants, in which rainwater is collected. The water is stored during rain and can be used during drought to provide the plants on the roof with water. In this way, the city adapts to the changing climate.

On the roof you will find a wide variety of plants. There will be about 84 species of native herbs, bulbs, ornamental grasses, plants and shrubs. In total there will be five insect hotels and the vegetation will attract bees, butterflies and birds. A great way to contribute to more biodiversity.


The municipality of Rotterdam is the owner of this national monument. The roof was constructed in collaboration with de Doelen concert and conference building, the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard water board, 7 Square Endeavour, the Rotterdams WeerWoord and Rotterdam goes green.

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