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The Lobby has been nominated for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize

Read more about The Lobby and how you can vote for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize.

The Lobby
9 April 2024
By Lisanne Van Beurden

The Lobby has been nominated for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize! A great accomplishment, for which we are very proud of our architect KAAN Architecten, who always manage to design buildings with monumental value.

We are not the only nominees. Of the forty entries, ten wonderful contenders for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize remain! You can vote via the website until April 29.

The Lobby

The construction of The Lobby was realized by the Rotterdam builder Van Waning. The contemporary, modernist design with green roof pavilion really comes into its own in the monumental area on Kruiskade. This is partly due to the massive appearance of natural stone, which is interrupted by a rigid rhythm of large windows.

The Lobby is a redevelopment of the former Crystal House, which was dated. The new, bright volume on Kruiskade has a visible, inviting plinth where Rotterdam's most luxurious shops and restaurants will soon be located.

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