Pizza Beppe: an asset to the Westewagenstraat

For pizza lovers, Pizza Beppe is the destination for authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Each pizza is prepared with the utmost care, using only the best ingredients and without compromising on quality.

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23 February 2024
By Lisanne Van Beurden

Three months ago, Pizza Beppe opened its doors on Westewagenstraat, in the former Dudok Patisserie building, and it has quickly become a popular place among Rotterdam residents. We had the pleasure of talking to Michel, the franchisee behind the Rotterdam location, and Omar, one of the creators of Pizza Beppe.

We asked about the story behind Pizza Beppe, what makes the pizzas really authentic and the choice of the location on Westenwagenstraat. Be sure to read on!

What is the story behind Pizza Beppe?

Omar: “We started Pizza Beppe five years ago with three partners, driven by our shared desire to introduce the Netherlands to authentic Neapolitan pizza. As a single-specialty restaurant, we strive to do one thing very well, and that is the Neapolitan pizza. We make no concessions to the quality of our ingredients and craft.”

Omar: “We only work with the best ingredients, such as type 00 flour, the finest flour available, San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana; everything is of high quality. Furthermore, we are affiliated with Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), an organization that guarantees the quality and authenticity of Neapolitan pizza. We are extremely proud to be part of this.”

Are it the ingredients that really make your pizza authentic?

Omar: "Both the ingredients and the preparation method play a major role in the distinction between the Neapolitan and the Roman pizza. The Neapolitan pizza is baked in a brick oven at a temperature of 485 degrees Celsius, where it only needs 90 seconds to bake. This means the pizza can be folded twice without breaking, with a distinctive raised edge known as 'cornicione', which is quite crispy. The Roman pizza is baked at a lower temperature and stays in the oven for much longer, ensuring a crispy texture."

Why did you choose the Neapolitan pizza?

Omar: “We like to go back to the basics of a dish. The Margherita is the most famous pizza in the world, and its origins are in Naples. It's also great how seriously AVPN takes this pizza. They have even ensured that the Margherita has been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

Is every Pizza Beppe location the same?

Omar: "We always select our locations carefully. With each new location, certain features return: a white awning, the neon pizza in the restaurant, and the centrally placed pizza oven where our guests can see the traditional baking process. In addition, there is always art on the wall. The further furnishings depend on the building and which colour palettes we choose."


Why did you choose this location?

Omar: “Together with Michel, our franchisee, we had been looking for a suitable location in Rotterdam for some time. Ultimately, this building on Westewagenstraat came our way.”

Michel: “It immediately felt like a perfect place for Pizza Beppe. I really appreciate the excellent location and the building really has an authentic Rotterdam appearance from the 1950s. All these factors together made the decision easy. The Westenwagenstraat is a side street of the Meent, and everyone knows the Meent. The business is located next to Wijnbar Janssen en van Dijk and 1NUL8, where many visitors now come from.”

Omar: “This building offers an excellent opportunity for a terrace at both the rear and the front. That is a huge plus, especially in the summer.”

Michel: “From the terrace at the back you will soon have a view of the Grotekerk and of course over the water.”

What have you changed about the interior?

Michel: “We removed everything from the interior in just two weeks and three days, and then completely rebuilt it to be ready to bake pizzas. There was a very closed kitchen and a cold room, so the place was a lot smaller. The Dudok Patisserie was previously located here. When we first opened, a lot of people came in for cake, but as soon as they looked around they realized they weren't at the right place and asked: "Where is Dudok?" In recent weeks I have been able to refer many people to De Meent, to their new location."

Michel, why did you choose to become a Pizza Beppe franchisee?

Michel: “I have known Patrick, one of the partners of Pizza Beppe, since I was 12 years old. We played football together and went to the same school. When I was 15, I started as a dishwasher at the Chinese restaurant, while Patrick started his career in the jeans trade, so he worked in clothing stores. All this time we have always guarded our friendship and kept in touch. We also had good contact in 2018; then he started Pizza Beppe. I am the owner of several businesses, for which I use a back office programme. I was able to advise him on this and Pizza Beppe still uses it today. Pizza Beppe one was created, and because of its success they expanded. Last year the first franchisee opened in Eindhoven, and now I am the second. Patrick asked if I was interested in taking over the Rotterdam branch and in the end it worked out just fine.”

What other catering businesses do you own?

Michel: “I am the owner of several restaurants, including the day shop Werelds Inside in Middelharnis, Werelds in de Tuin, a day shop in a garden centre in Dordrecht. And then another day and evening business in Oostvoorne: Raadhuis by Werelds.”


Suppose a visitor comes to Pizza Beppe for the first time. What would you recommend?

Michel: “Our most popular pizza is the Pizza Burrata Picante. It is nice and spicy and has a beautiful ball of burrata that you can enjoy, together with a little chili pepper oil for those who really like it spicy. We also use 'nduja, a spicy type of meat. The great thing about the pizzas at Pizza Beppe is that the dough is made fresh every day, which really contributes to the quality. The tiramisu is also made fresh every day. The Tiramisu is simply delicious.”


How are things going so far?

Michel: “Exceeded expectations. The last two Fridays and Saturdays, during the second and third weeks, people were really lining up. A luxury problem, you might say. The funny thing is that some guests say: “We are sitting very close to each other,” but that is exactly what we want. Because what often happens is that you start talking to your neighbour. So there is interaction, it is accessible, and there is something for everyone. Families, students and two friends come to visit the city. Take my daughter for example, she is 16 years old and went shopping with a friend. Then they afterwards they come and eat a pizza, have a drink and leave again. But I also receive families of six and groups of eight to ten people. We have 26 seats upstairs. We have also had a group of 24 people there. Completely neatly dressed. They went to a dance competition and came for a drink beforehand.”

Are there more locations coming?

Omar: "This is the first of three. Michel intends to open several Pizza Beppe locations in Rotterdam."


Thank you, Omar and Michel! Good luck on the Westewagenstraat!

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