Metre by metre, we make the world a better place

The world needs our help. That is very clear. But how can you really contribute to a better future? Manhave supports the initiative; EarthToday. By buying square metres of nature, they protect an increasingly large part of the earth's surface.

“The need to take action is huge, everyone agrees. But how? What is the solution? How do you protect half the planet?"

Constance Scholten, EarthToday
The solution to protected biodiversity
Nature that is so dear to us

Nothing is impossible

Saving the world is ambitious, but not impossible. By 2050, 50% of the Earth's surface must be protected. Only in this way is it possible to protect biodiversity and thus ourselves. EarthToday has made this goal manageable. for every 1.20 euros, one square is protected. Anyone who protects a square metre of nature also receives a shareholder certificate.


Besides protecting the earth, they have another function. Namely as "news portal about the earth". News articles are posted with themes such as people, creation, world, nature, keys and spirit. EarthToday gives everyone who protects a square metre the opportunity to also share information and thereby inspire others.

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