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Asian street food and cocktails at Bambu Kitchen & Bar

At Bambu Kitchen & Bar you can enjoy delicious Asian street food and tropical cocktails in a relaxed Bali vibe.

Love the City
27 January 2022
By Lisanne Van Beurden

Bambu Kitchen & Bar is a fun place on the Westewagenstraat to get together with friends and family, both for a drink and a bite to eat.

Asian street food snacks to share

Choose different dishes from the menu to share. That way you can taste a little bit of everything. The menu of Bambu Kitchen & Bar offers various meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Do you prefer spicy or not spicy? Everything can be completely adapted to your wishes. Combine the Asian snacks with cocktails and wines.

Something you should definitely taste during a visit to Bambu Kitchen & Bar? According to co-owner Dave, the Rendang Padang and Peking duck pancakes are highly recommended. "Especially the Peking duck pancakes are very popular among our guests!"

The Westenwagenstraat in Rotterdam

Dave and Peter are two entrepreneurs at heart. Both have had various (catering) businesses and were already familiar with the concept in Haarlem. In Haarlem, the concept has proven itself well in recent years, and has become a favourite restaurant of many.

The two entrepreneurs met with the owner to look for a new location in Rotterdam together. That became Westewagenstraat 56. Why this location? Dave: "Westewagenstraat is an ideal location, between the Meent and the Koopgoot. Easily accessible due to its central location. It is also a beautiful building to expand this concept."

Westewagenstraat is an ideal location, between the Meent and the Koopgoot.

Peter and Dave, owners of Bambu Kitchen & Bar in Rotterdam.

The interior of Bambu Kitchen & Bar

Before Bambu Kitchen & Bar opened its doors, they made a lot of changes to the interior. Dave: "We have left the layout in the building the same; the bar and kitchen are in the same place. Naturally, new equipment has been installed throughout, and in collaboration with Art2Go projects, the Bambu vibe from Haarlem has been taken over to the location in Rotterdam."

"We have opted for a trendy and warm interior, where many guests will feel at home. A large plant wall has been installed in the store and we have used the characteristic Bambu tiles around the bar and the elevator shaft. There are many cosy places in the restaurant where you can sit together."

During the lockdown

Bambu Kitchen & Bar opened just before the lockdown in December 2021. As a result, the owners had a difficult start. Dave: "It has been a rough time the past few months. After our opening in early November, we were able to run our restaurant 'normal' for one week and offer dinner for two weeks until eight o'clock, before we got the new lockdown measures."

"That was it for us, because we are only open for dinner. It was kind of a downer, but we didn't sit still! The lockdown has been used for all the finishing touches in the restaurant. Now we are all ready to to reopen!"

he lockdown has been used for all the finishing touches in the restaurant. Now we are all ready to to reopen!

So time to visit Bambu Kitchen & Bar on Westewagenstraat for food or drinks. Discover even more high-quality shops and restaurants that we rent space to on the Karel Doormanstraat, Kruiskade and Lijnbaan and more.

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