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Temporary store installation FRANCON extended!

FRANCON, the innovative womenswear label from Rotterdam, has been introducing its first shopping experience in the urban landscape of Rotterdam since December. Until February 4, customers, fashion and design enthusiasts are invited to explore 'Scene', a temporary pop-up with light installation, created in collaboration with KAAN Architects.

12 January 2024
By Lisanne Van Beurden

Each FRANCON garment is carefully designed to suit specific occasions and evoke certain emotions. The pieces are functional, look beautiful and are made of high-quality materials. Inspired by architectural principles, FRANCON garments become a harmonious interplay between form, function and atmosphere.

Unfinished backdrop

As a part of the ongoing urban regeneration of the surrounding area, the modernist redesign of the building pays homage to Rotterdam’s Reconstruction era and the work of Huig Maaskant.

The current shell state of the Lobby is characterized by its raw concrete walls and floors, providing the perfect unfinished backdrop to accentuate ‘Scene’ - the retail installation itself.

Bathed in a warm caramel colour, 'Scene' has been carefully designed to blend seamlessly into the architectural environment. The temporary installation takes up the expansive space on the ground floor of The Lobby. The decor and modular elements are designed to provide an intimate shopping experience while remaining adaptable for future use.

Unconventional approach

FRANCON's 'Scene' retail installation stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to quality and an unconventional approach to fashion. The team detaches its development process from traditional fashion industry timelines, producing limited-edition pieces that focus on settings rather than seasons. Their designs resonate with distinct occasions and moods.

This approach fits in seamlessly with The Lobby, a contemporary architectural design by KAAN Architecten, and is therefore an excellent location for the installation.


Art and light installation

Special collaborations have also been entered into for the shop installation 'Scene'. The works of art by Saskia Noor van Imhoff consist of sedimentary boulders, which have been formed over millennia through a slow and lengthy process, cast in aluminium.

In addition, 'Scene' is immersed in the deep, warm glow of the sunset, created by artist Arnout Meijer's light artwork, called "Second Sun". This dynamic installation mimics the slow transformation of the sky during twilight. In the dark days of December, the light can create an intriguing effect as the sun appears to set in an unconventional direction. At night, the light creates a powerful image that varies with each visit to The Lobby.


Practical information

The pop-up was originally going to be open until December 24, but due to success it has been extended until February 4. Please note: it is only open by appointment.

Dates: December 1 to February 4
The Lobby, Kruiskade 74-76, Rotterdam
Opening days: Monday to Sunday by appointment.

Contact to schedule a shopping session.

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