Bathe in a sea of green

The green roof pavilion of The Lobby

The sustainable transformation of The Lobby will be completed this year. In line with Rotterdam's green roof policy, there will be a beautiful green roof pavilion on the building.

The Lobby
31 January 2023
By Lisanne Van Beurden

The pavilion on the roof of The Lobby on the Kruiskade will be bathed in a sea of ​​green. The roof terrace will be accessible and can be visited at any time of the year.

KAAN Architecten about the roof pavilion: 'In keeping with Rotterdam's green roofs policy and the importance of green courtyards, the building will have an extensive and usable green roof, completely in line with the Lijnbaanhoven theme. We will ensure that the greenery on the roof of The Lobby will manifest itself excellently.'

Accessible all year round

Glass sliding doors have been chosen for the roof pavilion, so that there is a lot of light. In addition, the green roof terrace is accessible to the public all year round, because of the canopy. The access at the ground floor to the roof terrace will be very accessible.

When you stand on the roof you enter a completely different world with a beautiful view over the city. The view will also improve for the residents of the buildings around it, such as the City House. They will look out on a green oasis in the city!

We will ensure that the greenery on the roof of The Lobby will manifest itself excellently.

KAAN Architecten


With the development of the green roof of The Lobby, Manhave is contributing to the creation of an extra urban layer in the centre of Rotterdam. The use of the roof of The Lobby will also open up a pleasant new world for future visitors.

Green (flat) roofs can contribute to improving the living environment of both residents and visitors. By using the roof surfaces in other ways, the water management and, in particular, the water drainage can be better regulated, so that less flooding will occur during heavy rainfall. In addition, there are opportunities to generate sustainable energy and green roofs offer opportunities for more nature.

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