David about working at Manhave Vastgoed

"What I like most is the value you add to the company as an individual."

David has been working at Manhave Vastgoed since 2018. As a controller, he takes on various important tasks, such as providing insight into the figures and finances. But his role certainly doesn't stop there.

12 December 2022
By Lisanne Van Beurden

In addition to his tasks as a controller, he also takes on a few HR related tasks and helps with important business decisions. In this interview, David shares more about his work, what he likes about working at Manhave and the Manhave team.

What did you do before working at Manhave?

“I studied commercial economics at the High School of Economics (HES). Nowadays this is the Hogeschool Rotterdam on the Kralingse Zoom. After completing my studies, I started the bridging program Economics & Business at Erasmus University. In the end I decided not to complete this," says David with a laugh. He continues: "I noticed that I didn't think it was worth the investment and time. I decided I was ready to start my career."

"My first job was at Fit for Finance. This eventually turned into Profource. This company specializes in Finance and IT. I enjoyed working there for ten years. Because I was seconded by various companies, I gained a lot of experience at various clients, both profit and non-profit. That's how I developed myself very quickly. It definitely was a good start to my career."

Since when have you been working at Manhave Vastgoed and how did you end up here?

David: “I started at Manhave on August 1, 2018. I applied for a vacancy via Indeed at the time. The vacancy really appealed to me and I eventually got the position.”

What is your role within Manhave Vastgoed?

"As a controller, I am part of the management team, together with Edwin and Steven. I am responsible for the financial column. I provide insight into the figures, advise on the financial state of affairs and think along with both financial and business decisions. I am expected to help with important decisions. An example is The Lobby, then I make clear what it will cost based on the information I have. I have to make sure that it fits within the space that we have and if it's in line with our ambitions."

"In addition, I also do some HR work. I process all days of leave, draw up the employment contracts and ensure that the salary administration is in order so that it can be processed. When a colleague left, a gap arose and we divided this internally. Eventually I kept doing these HR related tasks, because I actually enjoy it."

What do you like most about working at Manhave?

"Because Manhave is such a small organization, you are expected to work proactively. At Manhave you are really involved in the core business. That is also what I like. You are very directly involved with the city and the added value of your work is very visible and tangible."

"Before Manhave I sometimes used to work at companies where my work was quite far from the final result. I like the diversity of the work and the value you add to the company as an individual."

"Furthermore, the team is very nice. Everyone is super involved and motivated. The job satisfaction is very high here."

.You are very directly involved with the city and the added value of your work is very visible and tangible."

How would you describe the Manhave team? How do you work together?

"We are a small team with very short lines of communication. Everyone just walks over to each others desk. Whether I approach Steven or Edwin, it doesn't matter. It is all very accessible."

"Furthermore, everyone knows very clearly what he or she has to do. We are a self-managing team with a clear division of roles."

"We are allowed to work remotely, but in practice we are all always at the office. That makes it extra fun during lunch, because we always have lunch together. When the weather is nice, we sit on the terrace."

Thanks for your time David!

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