Piece of history

Iconic displays on the Lijnbaan

If you've been to Rotterdam Centre countless of times, you will undoubtedly recognize them: the iconic displays on the Lijnbaan. These display cases are a nostalgic nod to the 1950s, when this special street opened as the first car-free shopping street in the world.

Love the City
31 July 2023
By Lisanne Van Beurden

Perhaps you regularly walk past them without looking closely, but the displays always have a super fun content. Like true mini-museums, they take you on a journey through history, show interesting exhibits and introduce you to all kinds of fun activities in the city.

Piece of Rotterdam history

In the 1950s, the walking area showed several displays with the finest products. In this way, shopkeepers tried to entice customers to walk into their shops.

Over time, however, these displays disappeared from the Lijnbaan. Fortunately, on the initiative of Lijnbaan's property owners and shopkeepers, they have been back on Lijnbaan for some time now. A nostalgic tribute to the past, with a fun new interpretation.

The current displays on the Lijnbaan

For several years now, three of these iconic showcases have been back on Lijnbaan. Although the design is inspired by the original display cases, the content is different today. Back then, they served as a kind of extra shop window in front of retailers' doors, while now they surprise shoppers with ever-changing exhibitions.

The King's Day display.
The playful Lijnbaan display in 2021 by Charlotte van Otterloo.

Changing exhibitions

Each display has a unique and creative interpretation. The contents change regularly, allowing you to learn, for example, about the reconstruction of Rotterdam, the story of Abraham Tuschinski and the development of photography in the Netherlands from 1842 onwards. Artists, such as animators, photographers and illustrators, are often given the chance to exhibit their work, so there is amazing work to admire for both young and old.

There is also a display entirely dedicated to the season. Have you already spotted the current summer display, which focuses on the summer programming of Rotterdam Centre?

The current summer display on the Lijnbaan.

So be sure to take a look next time you walk Lijnbaan and discover a world full of interesting stories and inspiration! Via Rotterdam Centre, you can stay informed about the content of the displays.

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