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Completion of a new Rotterdam icon: The Lobby

The Lobby has been officially completed. In the coming period, the last details of this brand new Rotterdam icon on the Kruiskade will be finalized.

The Lobby
24 July 2023
By Lisanne Van Beurden

A new iconic building will be completed in 2023: The Lobby. KAAN's contemporary design fits in both volume and appearance in this monumental area on the Kruiskade.

Last details finalized

In the coming period, the last details of this brand new Rotterdam icon on the Kruiskade will be finalized.

Paving and removal of last fences

In the past week, the last work inside of the The Lobby was completed, during which everything was cleaned and emptied.

There are still a number of fences in front of the building. After the construction holidays, the paving is on the programme, with the contractor replacing the heavy granite stones in consultation with the Municipality of Rotterdam. As soon as this is finished, the construction fences and fences will be removed.

Green roof pavilion

In autumn, it will be the turn of The Lobby's roof pavilion. The upper roof will be covered with sedum, while the lower roof will be an active green roof with lots of planting.

The Lobby's rooftop pavilion during completion.

Official opening The Lobby

When will The Lobby's doors officially open? First, the puzzle has to be put together with the building's new tenants. Edwin Dickhoff already talked about it in his interview.

Edwin: “Negotiations are currently underway with several parties and proposals are being exchanged. We have chosen not to place the inner walls yet, so that the tenants are free in the layout of their units. Later we will look at where the tenants can best land in the complex. Once the puzzle has been put together, we will install the interior walls and the shops can be delivered.”

“The shops require quite a long installation period. As soon as we have placed the inner walls - the building will be delivered hull - the tenants still have to install their interior and technical installations. Taking this into account, The Lobby is expected to open its doors in the second quarter of next year.”

Final details: cleaning the interior of The Lobby.
Pictured: Sven Melkenboer of MBM Advies, Edwin Dickhoff of Manhave Vastgoeda and Eric Lagerwaart and Peter Bijl of Van Waning.

If you are interested in the hospitality industry or high-end retail space, please contact Edwin or Niels Van der Ham of Insight Real Estate.

Timeline The Lobby

Check out the photos below for a timeline of the construction of The Lobby!

February '22: the construction fencing has been placed. Ready to start!
May '22: festive moment during the driving of the first pile.
August '22: masonry in progress.
November '22: installation of the steel construction for the roof.
November '22: installation of the windows.
February '23: started with the installation of the natural stone.
March '23: the sliding doors and awning have been placed.
May '23: the glass railing has been placed on the roof pavilion.
May '23: removing of the scaffolding on the backside of the building.
June '23: roof is intentionally flooded to check for leaks.
June '23: the infrastructure was built, such as sewerage, drinking water and power supply.
June '23: the scaffolding at the back has been removed, so it is possible to admire the rear facade for the first time.
July '23: completion of The lobby!
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