'Most Inspiring City Centre Project'

The Spijkse Trap has been nominated

The Spijkse Trap in the city centre of Spijkenisse has been nominated as 'Most Inspiring City Centre Project'.

7 February 2024
By Lisanne Van Beurden

The title 'Most Inspiring City Centre in the Netherlands' is awarded to the city centre that has undergone a visible and inspiring development thanks to positive efforts by municipalities and center management, in collaboration with local city centre parties.

For the Spijkse Trap project, the municipality collaborated with the BIZ and real estate owners, including Manhave Vastgoed.

Connecting two areas

The Spijkse Trap project has been nominated as 'Most Inspiring City Centre Project' because of its inspiring approach that serves multiple goals at the same time and tackles several problems at once. For example, there was a lot of vacancy and little variation in facilities.

The Spijkse Trap connects two areas, with the iconic statue of the Centre for the Arts at the end. Two buildings are being transformed to make them suitable for other uses. For example, the Centre for the Arts is being renovated, with the hall being enlarged and 11 practice rooms being created for bands, as well as a number of multifunctional spaces. In addition, the entrance will be expanded so that it can serve as a multifunctional 'Living Room for the City' and public toilets will be realised. This approach not only resolves vacancies, but also adds new functions, renews gas-free installations and increases green areas.

Render Centre for the Arts living room.
Render the Spijkse Trap.

New eye-catcher

The height difference with the dike between Uitplein and Nieuwstraat causes an interruption in the routing through the centre. This negative aspect has been converted into an opportunity, which has led to a great solution: the Spijkse Trap. This adds a new eye-catcher to the centre and turns the shopping centre into a real city centre.

Announcement of the winner

Manhave Vastgoed is proud to participate in this important project in Spijkenisse. The winner of Most Inspiring City Centre Project will be announced during City Centre Day on April 11 in Veenendaal. More information about the election can be found at binnenstadinspiratie.nl.

Watch the video below that is part of the submission for the election.

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