Jeweller on the Kruiskade

Luxury shopping in the Schaap en Citroen store

Jeweller Schaap en Citroen is the place to look for a beautiful, exclusive piece of jewellery, watch or accessory. Learn more about their location on the Kruiskade in Rotterdam.

Love the City
27 January 2022
By Lisanne Van Beurden

Discover the most beautiful jewellery, watch brands and accessories at Schaap en Citroen in Rotterdam. It is a joy to visit their location on the Kruiskade.

A warm welcome

As soon as you step into the well-known jewellery store in Rotterdam, you immediately feel welcome. The door will be opened for you, you can immediately take a seat on one of the chairs and your wishes are discussed while enjoying a drink.

On the ground floor, you can find all their jewellery collections. Think of exclusive brands such as Fope, Piaget, Pomellato and Tirisi Jewelry.

The stairs take you upstairs, where you can enjoy the very latest shop-in-shop experience from various leading watch brands. You will find IWC, Cartier, Jaeger and Chopard here.

Shop-in-shop experience of Cartier.
Shop-in-shop experience of Chopard.

Gift idea for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Schaap en Citroen is the right place for a very special gift.

We asked Jacco van Moorsel, Store Director of Schaap en Citroen, for advice: "A jewel from Pomellato is a real must-have and therefore a perfect Valentine's gift. This Italian jewelry brand is characterized by the variety of coloured stones that can be combined excellently."

The brand that sells the most in the store? Jacco: "The most popular brand within our jewelry house is the watch brand Cartier. Our own jewellery collection is also very popular. Think of items such as a beautiful tennis bracelet or necklace."

The beautiful rings of Pomellato.

The street is characterized by iconic brand names and accessibility was also very important to us.

Jacco van Moorsel about the Kruiskade.

The location on the Kruiskade

All Schaap en Citroen locations are carefully chosen. Why did they opt for the Kruiskade in Rotterdam? Jacco: "The unique building, also called 'Dreamhouse', is characterized by the many windows. This makes our jewellery and watches stand out. The street is characterized by iconic brand names and accessibility was also very important to us."

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