Te huur
30 March 2023
Apartment for rent at the Van Bijlandtplaats
Does living in the centre of Rotterdam sound like something to you? In this spacious maisonette apartment you are within walking…
27 March 2023
This Tuschinski monument will come to Rotterdam in 2023
In the summer of 2023, Abraham Icek Tuschinski will receive a memorial in the city where he lived, worked and loved: Rotterdam.
Te huur
20 March 2023
Apartment for rent in the City House
The City House is a beautiful national monument in the centre of Rotterdam. Various apartments are available in this monumental…
Love the City
13 March 2023
Discover these great hotspots on the Karel Doormanstraat
The Karel Doormanstraat is a centrally located shopping street in Rotterdam. In addition to shops, you will find nice…
6 March 2023
"Our current team is really fun."
Marja has been working at Manhave Vastgoed for 22 years. As head of administration, she takes on all important administrative and…
28 February 2023
Luxury hotspots on the Kruiskade
Do you fancy a day of shopping in Rotterdam Centre? Then pay a visit to the Kruiskade and discover these seven luxury shops.
City House
21 February 2023
Expat Sayuri about living in the City House
Read our interview with Sayuri, an expat who moved into the City House in May 2022. She shares her experience of living in…
16 February 2023
Interview with the Rotterdam breadfather
More and more children go to school without food. Johan 'De Boterhammenman' or 'The Breadman' Muurlink has been making sandwiches…
6 February 2023
This is what the IWC boutique on the Kruiskade looks like
At the end of 2022, luxury watch brand IWC Schaffhausen opened their boutique in Rotterdam. Watch their video to take a look…
Karel Doormanstraat
6 February 2023
AROWONEN opens on the Karel Doormanstraat
Past weekend AROWONEN festively opened their Designer Homes store in Rotterdam Centre. From February 6, 2023, the store will be…
The Lobby
31 January 2023
The green roof pavilion of The Lobby
The sustainable transformation of The Lobby will be completed this year. In line with Rotterdam's green roof policy, there will…
Te huur
27 January 2023
Beautiful apartment available in the City House
Want to live in the heart of Rotterdam? Then come and have a look on the Kruiskade. Here we have an upholstered apartment for…
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