7 February 2024
The Spijkse Trap has been nominated
The Spijkse Trap in the city centre of Spijkenisse has been nominated as 'Most Inspiring City Centre Project'.
Love the City
30 January 2024
Visit the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024
The 53rd edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) will take place from January 25 to February 4. During IFFR,…
25 January 2024
Chinny has been a household name in Rotterdam since 1997!
In 1997, Hetty Chin opened her first Surinamese sandwich shop on the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam. Now, more than 26 years later, she…
12 January 2024
Temporary store installation FRANCON extended!
FRANCON, the innovative womenswear label from Rotterdam, has been introducing its first shopping experience in the urban…
8 January 2024
Visit Pizza Beppe for real Neapolitan pizzas
At the end of December, Pizza Beppe opened its doors at Westewagenstraat 52 in Rotterdam. Pizza lovers can come here for real…
29 November 2023
FRANCON opens temporary retail installation in The Lobby
FRANCON, the innovative womenswear label from Rotterdam, introduces its first shopping experience in the urban landscape of…
24 November 2023
John Manhave in The Rotterdam Yearbook
Exactly one year ago, on November 29, 2022, our former director and commissioner John Manhave passed away at the age of 79. As a…
23 November 2023
Shopping during the Five Day Deals
Until Sunday, November 26, you can benefit from fantastic discounts and great promotions in Rotterdam during the Five Day Deals.…
15 November 2023
Buy your gifts in Rotterdam Centre
Did you already buy gifts for the holidays? In Rotterdam Centre you will find plenty of great shops to do your shopping.
Karel Doormanstraat
8 November 2023
Development on the Karel Doormanstraat
There is plenty to do on the Karel Doormanstraat. This shopping street is known for its wide sidewalk, beautiful shops and nice…
The Lobby
1 November 2023
The Francon pop-up in The Lobby
Francon is a beautiful womenswear label from Rotterdam that draws inspiration from architectural principles and ways of thinking.
26 October 2023
Discover Skins Cosmetics on the Kruiskade
On the Kruiskade you will find exclusive shops full of designer clothing and luxury products from exclusive brands. You will also…
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