The Lobby

A new iconic building will be completed in 2023: The Lobby. A contemporary design by KAAN Architecten has been chosen, which suits this monumental area on the Kruiskade in both volume and appearance.

The construction of The Lobby by Manhave has started in 2022. A contemporary design by KAAN Architecten was chosen for the new Crystal House, which suits this monumental area on the Kruiskade in both volume and appearance.

The new clear volume not only provides more usable surface, but above all also provides a visible, more accessible plinth. The programme on the ground floor remains luxury retail, but there will also be access to a high-quality catering and event space that extends to the roof.

If you are interested in the hospitality industry, please contact Edwin or for high-end retail space Michiel Fredriks B&O Retail.

Vooraanzicht van The Lobby met centraal de horeca en de winkels ernaast

“We previously built the prize-winning Dream House with KAAN Architecten and Van Waning, where Schaap and Citroen and COS are located. The Lobby will be just as beautiful. Just wait and see!'

Steven Manhave – Director Manhave Vastgoed

High End Retail and restaurants

The programme on the ground floor remains luxury retail, but there will also be access to a high-quality catering industry that extends to the pavilion with roof garden. Manhave focuses on attracting high fashion for women and men. The openness of the ground floor in particular, but also the many large facade openings on the floors and in the rear facade, ensure an intimate relationship between the shopping public and the high-quality catering and retail offer in The Lobby.

Roof pavilion with green roof terrace

On the roof of The Lobby is a pavilion with glass sliding doors and lots of light. In line with Rotterdam's green roofs policy, a green roof garden is being developed on the roof of The Lobby. The green roof terrace will be accessible to the public at any time of the year. When you stand on the roof you enter a completely different world with a view over the city. The residents of the City House flat on the other side of the Kruiskade will soon look out on a green urban oasis.

Timeline of the construction of The Lobby

February '22: the construction fencing has been placed. Ready to start!
May '22: festive moment during the driving of the first pile.
August '22: masonry in progress.
November '22: installation of the steel construction for the roof.
November '22: installation of the windows.
February '23: started with the installation of the natural stone.
March '23: the sliding doors and awning have been placed.
May '23: the glass railing has been placed on the roof pavilion.
May '23: removing of the scaffolding on the backside of the building.
June '23: roof is intentionally flooded to check for leaks.
June '23: the infrastructure was built, such as sewerage, drinking water and power supply.
June '23: the scaffolding at the back has been removed, so it is possible to admire the rear facade for the first time.
July '23: completion of The lobby! The last details will be finalized the coming weeks.

Area with international allure

Manhave has set itself the goal of creating a place of international allure in the Lumière area around the Kruiskade where people feel connected to each other as a community.

Updates about the Lobby

The Lobby
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The Lobby
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The Lobby
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